Are you the one in charge of programming for your local TV station or streaming internet station?    Are you looking for some fresh and funny content?   If so, I, Dr. Sigmund Zoid, along with my wonderful co-host Sluggo may have the solution for you!   Most of my episodes have been remastered in 720X480 MPeg 2 format with a -6 Db hard limiter on the audio.   Most episodes run from 1:53   to   1:56 in length and all use movies that do not currently have a copywright!   Would you like to change up your late night schedule a bit?   Perhaps show some fun stuff instead of infomercials???    If you email me I can tell you how to get these episodes (there are over 50 now) for free!   Either by download or DVD sent to your door!    People love seeing these old movies!   So, send me an email now at and lets see if we can make local TV magical once again!