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The slimey thing gets it's own spot on the net!



I was born somewhere along the interstate outside of Mobile and was given up to an orphanage just after birth.  Well, technically it was a pet shop but I still think of it as an orphanage.  Upon reaching maturity, I realized that I had telepathic powers and decided to run away and make my mark (i.e. slimetrail) on the world.  I got a gig as a roadie for Duran Duran  for their North American Tour in the 80's.  Talk about living the wild life!  Wooohooo!  Party!!!!  I eventually settled down and graduated from Princeton University where I studied movie and TV media. I travelled to Mexico City where I became involved with TVAzteca.  I was cleaning some equipment one day and must have shorted out something because I remember a bright flash and the next thing I knew, I was here in the Vortex!

I ran a pet shop here for several years until I was elected President.  I also push Zoid's buttons er, I mean push the buttons for Zoid's shows and I make coffee too!

I'm anywhere from 3" to 5'8" and very moist!


Was a hermaphrodite now am mostly female....long story, don't want to relive it here!

I'm into eating things....mostly internal organs but will occasionally chow on some road kill or affids.

I love techno, classic rock and broadway show tunes

I'd like to go to Cons but Zoid always makes me stay here and take care of the castle.


Some shots of me in my ever-evolving glory!


Clicking the above picture will take you to my very
own ARTV youtube playlist, where you can watch me as much as you want!